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Welcome, To Doron Segal Official and Personal WebSite

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About myself

My name is Doron Segal. I was born and raised in Israel, and spent couple of years in South America as a kid.

Today, I live in the Bay Area and work on new and interesting startups. I also consult and do side-projects, so feel free to contact me.

My blog mostly covers technology, but you can find some other stuff about politics and my hobbies.


Doron Segal.

I Love traveling, extreme sports and everything Internet. I have taken part in various startup companies.

I started as a hacker and found myself working for a cyber security company. After a while I opened my own company, helping small and medium businesses improve their internet solutions: developing websites, mobile solutions and security consulting.

[php,ruby,rails,mvc framework, spring, Java, Node.js, JavaScript Mvc Framework]

Projects I took part of

My projects mostly consist of developing web sites, PT, security consulting and Big Data solutions using Hadoop (hive and pig).

Some of the latest web solutions is scaling web platform up to 50M users.


Here are a list of some of the projects


Durex, Activated, IN10, Surf Stitch, etc...


Taldor-IL, Elbit-IL, Orange-IL, VerSafe-IL, Emeter-US, Siemens-US

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Feel free to contact me